The radial tire The history of formation.

The real breakthrough in the tire industry became the Michelin patent on the first radial tires 4 June 1946, which at times has accelerated the development of this sphere.

The advantages of radial tires comparing with the diagonal ones:

tires informationThe name of the radial tire is derived from carcass layer deposition method which is located radially from the axis, the outer side of the wheel. Referring to the carcass ply, also the term “body” of the tire is used. The carcass ply is arcuate interlocking metal wires.

Trying to build radial tire was undertaken in 1913 by two British engineers, Gray and Sloper, the company Palmer Tyre Company. However, at the time a manufacturer considered this device as impractical, and in a series of development has not got.

Later, after 33 years old, designer of the Michelin, Marius Mignola suggested a similar structure, which later was associated with carnivorous Venus flytrap plant (lat. Dionaea muscipula), probably due to the visual similarity of designs. Also, the design of the steel arches supplemented, at intervals of 1.5 cm.
This concept was endorsed and further developed, and subsequently released on the conveyor.