2 new winter tires for the trucks

tires for the trucksZC Rubber presented 2 winter truck tires, aimed at the Eastern European market.

The new production is represented by the tires Westlake NS 785 and ND 783 for the steering axis and driving wheels respectively. After obtaining the certification TÜV, the new tires acquired the status of tires, suitable for use in difficult weather conditions of the northern countries. According to the creators, the new tires significantly exceed the previous models.

According to ZC Rubber, the compound of the new tires will allow them to work longer without damaging the wet grip, for headlight assembly 2003 nissan altima and the new tread pattern with a higher number of grip edges significantly increases safety. The open shoulders significantly increase the traction force without worsening of driveability. Besides, the tires Westlake ND783 for the driving wheels have the ability of installing the studs to increase the wet grip.

As claimed in ZC Rubber, the company focuses mainly on its clients and constantly examines their requirements to create the necessary high-technological product.