Suspension McPherson and its history

The official date of creation is 1945. Engineer Earl McPherson patented this construction, although in the beginning of the century trial versions of similar mechanisms have been demonstrated by automaker FIAT
Modern manufacturers use not only the traditional version of the device, but also self-developed varieties that are designed to overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses.

Suspension McPherson

The essence of this type of suspension is in a separate mounting of each wheel, whereby the coating unevenness and other defects do not affect on the stability of the vehicle during the driving.

Despite a number of still existing imperfections of the system, McPherson suspension at the moment is one of the most sought after. This is natural, taking into consideration the obvious advantages.


  • The modest size and light weight;
  • Economical production costs;
  • Each of the parts has a great resource of strength;
  • Suspension rationally distributes the load to the body, thereby increasing the service life of the silent-blocks.