The kinds of car tires

The kinds of car tires.

There are 4 kinds of care tires: diagonal, radial, tube-type and tubeless. The radial tires are the perfect choice for driving on good roads, such as the highway. They are softer than the diagonal ones and better in comfort. Due to the less rolling resistance, radial tires reduce fuel consumption. They also serve much longer. However, radial tires are not so strong as the diagonal ones and not resistant to the cuts and hits.

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When buying the tires, pay no attention to their marking. They must be marked with the letters E, DOT or both of them. These markings indicate that the tires meet European and American standards, respectively.

As any other market, the market of car tires has its world-famous brands, such as Dunlop, Michelin, Nokian, Pirelli, lesser-known firms with a similar production. Choose the tires carefully. After all, overpaying for the qualitative tires, you’re buying your safety.