Hi everyone this is Jeremy 85 here and today I’ll show you how to change the bulbs on the docks ran tail lights. All you need is a replacement led light bulbs. I’m going to install these LED bulbs that of the twin. 7 what stock ball. First thing is to drop the tailgate. Now for the replacement I have to take out the tail light 2 screws holding unit from the inside of the bed.

led light bulb

Take your team 25 screwdriver and take out both of the screws. Now you can start for plot and grab the cabinet like that which I think you’re full of toll what’s the rear. On the bottom and on the top for an eventhe slide out. Not only in the unit on the tailgate for easy bolt access. Get out the bulbs socket Paterna counterclockwise into that comes off. Now I can justpull out that 3157 star bulbs. It put in the new led light bulbs people. Turn on the light switch and make sure that the new light bulbs are working correctly. Before you put everything back together. Now you can lean Syrtis armpit.

Make sure to insert it the right way there are 3 different size noxious. Then turned a socket clockwise to the end for secure hold. Not putting the taillight unit back in making sure that certain to spikes into these holes. Make sure there no wires hanging out so you don’t squeeze of. I pushed firmly on led light bulbs to the lie until it slides back into its position. Put the 2 screws back in. To secure the unit. That’s it guys thank you very much for watching proofreaders subscribe more Dodge ram how to site