Hi everyone this is Jeremy 85 here and today I’ll show you how to change the bulbs on the docks ran tail lights. All you need is a replacement led light bulbs. I’m going to install these LED bulbs that of the twin. 7 what stock ball. First thing is to drop the tailgate. Now for the replacement I have to take out the tail light 2 screws holding unit from the inside of the bed.

led light bulb

Take your team 25 screwdriver and take out both of the screws. Now you can start for plot and grab the cabinet like that which I think you’re full of toll what’s the rear. On the bottom and on the top for an eventhe slide out. Not only in the unit on the tailgate for easy bolt access. Get out the bulbs socket Paterna counterclockwise into that comes off. Now I can justpull out that 3157 star bulbs. It put in the new led light bulbs people. Turn on the light switch and make sure that the new light bulbs are working correctly. Before you put everything back together. Now you can lean Syrtis armpit.

Make sure to insert it the right way there are 3 different size noxious. Then turned a socket clockwise to the end for secure hold. Not putting the taillight unit back in making sure that certain to spikes into these holes. Make sure there no wires hanging out so you don’t squeeze of. I pushed firmly on led light bulbs to the lie until it slides back into its position. Put the 2 screws back in. To secure the unit. That’s it guys thank you very much for watching proofreaders subscribe more Dodge ram how to site

2 new winter tires for the trucks

tires for the trucksZC Rubber presented 2 winter truck tires, aimed at the Eastern European market.

The new production is represented by the tires Westlake NS 785 and ND 783 for the steering axis and driving wheels respectively. After obtaining the certification TÜV, the new tires acquired the status of tires, suitable for use in difficult weather conditions of the northern countries. According to the creators, the new tires significantly exceed the previous models.

According to ZC Rubber, the compound of the new tires will allow them to work longer without damaging the wet grip, for headlight assembly 2003 nissan altima and the new tread pattern with a higher number of grip edges significantly increases safety. The open shoulders significantly increase the traction force without worsening of driveability. Besides, the tires Westlake ND783 for the driving wheels have the ability of installing the studs to increase the wet grip.

As claimed in ZC Rubber, the company focuses mainly on its clients and constantly examines their requirements to create the necessary high-technological product.

The radial tire The history of formation.

The real breakthrough in the tire industry became the Michelin patent on the first radial tires 4 June 1946, which at times has accelerated the development of this sphere.

The advantages of radial tires comparing with the diagonal ones:

tires informationThe name of the radial tire is derived from carcass layer deposition method which is located radially from the axis, the outer side of the wheel. Referring to the carcass ply, also the term “body” of the tire is used. The carcass ply is arcuate interlocking metal wires.

Trying to build radial tire was undertaken in 1913 by two British engineers, Gray and Sloper, the company Palmer Tyre Company. However, at the time a manufacturer considered this device as impractical, and in a series of development has not got.

Later, after 33 years old, designer of the Michelin, Marius Mignola suggested a similar structure, which later was associated with carnivorous Venus flytrap plant (lat. Dionaea muscipula), probably due to the visual similarity of designs. Also, the design of the steel arches supplemented, at intervals of 1.5 cm.
This concept was endorsed and further developed, and subsequently released on the conveyor.

Suspension McPherson and its history

The official date of creation is 1945. Engineer Earl McPherson patented this construction, although in the beginning of the century trial versions of similar mechanisms have been demonstrated by automaker FIAT
Modern manufacturers use not only the traditional version of the device, but also self-developed varieties that are designed to overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses.

Suspension McPherson

The essence of this type of suspension is in a separate mounting of each wheel, whereby the coating unevenness and other defects do not affect on the stability of the vehicle during the driving.

Despite a number of still existing imperfections of the system, McPherson suspension at the moment is one of the most sought after. This is natural, taking into consideration the obvious advantages.


  • The modest size and light weight;
  • Economical production costs;
  • Each of the parts has a great resource of strength;
  • Suspension rationally distributes the load to the body, thereby increasing the service life of the silent-blocks.

How to choose the carburetor (manufacturers)

As another technique, modern carburetors are capable to strike by its huge range, in large numbers, presented in the market of our country. Faced with the need of correct choice for your carburetor engine, many car owners get lost in the proposed diversity, often giving preference to well-known brands, and absolutely not considering just the necessary nuances of the model of the device, causing the desired result of their work.



In today’s market, there are countless producers, carburetors of which, of course, have their “pros” and “cons.”
Today, carbs can be divided into three main types: membrane-needle, bubble and float. However, due to the ease of its adjustments, operational reliability and excellent quality of the resulting mixture, the most popular type of carburetors remains the float type.

Classifying according count mixing chambers and the direction of motion mixture fuel, as well as a method for maintaining pressure in the chamber, float carburetors are manufactured throughout the world today.

The kinds of car tires

The kinds of car tires.

There are 4 kinds of care tires: diagonal, radial, tube-type and tubeless. The radial tires are the perfect choice for driving on good roads, such as the highway. They are softer than the diagonal ones and better in comfort. Due to the less rolling resistance, radial tires reduce fuel consumption. They also serve much longer. However, radial tires are not so strong as the diagonal ones and not resistant to the cuts and hits.

tires car

When buying the tires, pay no attention to their marking. They must be marked with the letters E, DOT or both of them. These markings indicate that the tires meet European and American standards, respectively.

As any other market, the market of car tires has its world-famous brands, such as Dunlop, Michelin, Nokian, Pirelli, lesser-known firms with a similar production. Choose the tires carefully. After all, overpaying for the qualitative tires, you’re buying your safety.

Choice of automotive glass – tips and tricks

Choice of automotive glass – tips and tricks.

automotive glassSooner or later, every vehicle owner have to solve the problem with the replacement of glass. It does not cause much surprise, because the glass is a brittle material. It can be overwritten, to crack or simply to break upon impact.

When you select auto-glass for your car, you need to rely on the quality and product certification.
Also pay attention to the transparency of the parts. The fact is that the new product shouldn’t have defects such as clouding or distortion. After checking the glass on transparency, carefully inspect for scratches and scuffs. If you suddenly discovered that something is wrong, don’t take the good. Also, the main point is that the glass edge is perfectly smooth and treated. This is an important indicator of quality of the product.

Now let’s speak about the label. Marking itself carries a lot of information. For example, where and by whom it was made, date of manufacture and quality standards in manufacturing.